Step into an experiment in sensory experiences and physical interaction, also specially designed for those with visual or hearing impairments.



50 minutes

14 March


15 March


16 March


16 March


MELOrum is a living installation and at the same time a performance that experiments with dance and choreography, audiovisual objects, live music, singing, sign making and vibrations, space, light and touch. I MELOrum you come into close contact with the work as the boundaries between stage and audience are blurred.

Like heavy drops of water hanging from the ceiling, the room is filled with objects that sound and light up when touched. Vibrations reinforce the music and singing, while different images, tempos and spatialities are built up and changed throughout the work. The dancing and singing are close and in some parts the audience is also touched physically, with a gentle hand. MELOrum experiments with sensory experiences and physical interaction. The human, technical and artistic elements interact with the movement in the space. Through different layers of expression, the tactile is emphasised to stimulate different senses.
The performing arts collective MELO Collective has created the work with, and for, people with visual or hearing impairments to achieve an immersive live performance for a wide audience. The performance is interpreted in visual and sign language.

Before the performance starts, you can feel a costume, a model of the theatre space and parts of the set. You can also borrow audio description equipment and receive information in sign language in the foyer.

The project is carried out in collaboration with Dansens Hus and is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, City of Stockholm, Konstnärsnämnden and Musikverket, as well as Riksteatern through a residency. MELOrum is a co-production between MELO Collective and Dansens Hus.

MELO Collective | MELOrum

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