MELOrum is both a live installation and a performance that experiments with dance and choreography, audiovisual objects, live music, singing and vibrations, space, light and touch. In MELOrum you come into close contact with the work as the boundaries between stage and audience are blurred.


22 Sep


23 Sep


24 Sep


Like heavy drops of water hanging from the ceiling, the room is filled with objects that sound and light up when touched. Vibrations reinforce the music and singing while different images, tempos and spatialities are built up and changed throughout the work. MELOrum experiments with sensory experiences and physical interaction. Dance and song are close and in some parts the audience is also physically touched, with a gentle hand. The human, technical and artistic elements are allowed to interact with the movement in the space. Through different layers of expression, the tactile is emphasised to stimulate different senses.

The performing arts collective MELO Collective has also created the work with and for deaf and blind audiences to achieve an immersive live performance for a wide audience. The performance will be interpreted and sign language interpreted.

Before the start of the performance, you can touch a model of the stage, part of the set, a costume, borrow sign language equipment and receive information in sign language in the foyer.


MELO Collective

MELO Collective is a performing arts collective consisting of people with a background in dance, sound design, music and visual arts. Since its inception in 2005, the group has created stage works, concerts, installations, sound choreography/architecture, music productions and art exhibitions. Most recently, MELO a place (2018-19) played at Dansens Hus.



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