Are you like me, a little afraid of the cold and the dark? Do you also need a hug to cope with national socialists in the parliament? Do you want to tell me about your day and have someone watch you while you shower? Get in touch. /Anna Vnuk.

The performance is on display at DOCH until 17 April. Read more:

The people in the personal ads come to life as choreographer Anna Vnuk and Stockholm Drama School's mime students bring their innermost fantasies to life. I Facing autumn together? they will do anything to make these people happy. Whether it requires a relationship coach, slow motion or fake snow. Anna Vnuk's work is often characterised by directness, but also by humour and warmth. Now she is back with a show about finding love. The performance is a graduation performance from the StDH Mime Acting programme.

"But it is unmistakably Vnuk's storytelling and choreography that creates that slide that brings tears to the eyes. The strongest things are said in the movements of the bodies: circles, meetings, displays of strength, longing create emotional waves. Did I say magic touch? It's not magic, of course, but passion and hard work." /Maina Arvas on Anna Vnuks Shaking grids in

"An uncompromising self-disclosing directness is Anna Vuuk's hallmark." /Lisa Boda in SvD on Anna Vnuk puts on Cats!