Basically is an ongoing live project where the exhibition is a hybrid production site, residency studio, schoolyard; a context to rehearse and perform within.


9 March


Inauguration! The exhibition opens!

19 May


Last day of the exhibition

Note! Basically is on display from 9 March to 19 May and admission is free throughout the period. You come and go as you please, the work has no clear beginning or end. Read more about the work and current opening hours on Accelerator's website, which you can access via the ticket link.

Nikima Jagudayev calls her collaborative practice 're-schooling' - a reconstruction of the school break and the collective learning that can occur in the spaces in between. 'Re-schooling' looks at social relations as spatial relations and how we can come together in meaningful and considerate ways.

Through interactive choreography, the visitor is invited to participate in an unconditional game. A group of artists shape the playground with elements such as live music, food, a mysterious deck of cards called POWDER, the ongoing design process of the Arcane Clothing collection, oracles in still life form, non-linear choreographies that fold in on themselves, and space for unforeseen events. In this changing universe there is room for both seriousness and play. The work is partly governed by the formal rules of the game, but also by the subjective interpretations that occur in interactions with and between the participating artists. I Basically the creation and re-creation of the environment is part of the game.

You come and go as you please, the work has no clear beginning or end.

Nikima Jagudajev and Basically are presented in co-operation with Accelerator.

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Nikima Yagudaev Basically

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