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75 minutes

12 March


Meet Norrdans in a packed and unique evening programme:

16:00 & 19:00 Performance The Dawn Chorus

A dream of mile-long calls, polyamorous mating dances and a darkness to sing together in.

17:15-17:45 Artist talk

Participants: Stina Nyberg, Jenny Nordberg, Maria W Horn, David Norsworthy, Leila Verlinden, Nastia Ivanova, Alban Ovanessian, Rebecka Berchtold. Location: Elverket foyer

17:45-18:15 One One One One

Participants: Dancers Lander Casier, Malika Ali and Eva Schmechtig Location: Elverkets foyer


One chair, one dancer. This is the starting point for the work One One One One by choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis. You sit down on the chair, a dancer comes up to you and says: 

- I will dance for you as long as we keep eye contact. What happens next is a silent dialogue, an exclusive meeting. An opportunity to see dance with new eyes. To see, to really see dance. When you have seen enough, you can leave the chair.

One One One One is played in public space. In the past, the work has been performed in streets and squares, in a prison in Madagascar, at the Rikshospitalet in Copenhagen.

The choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis has developed his own method of putting intuition first. The dancer becomes a membrane that says "yes" to all his impulses in relation to the source, the audience on the chair. The work is both an exclusive encounter between two people (the audience member and the dancer) but can also be enjoyed around this encounter.

Don't miss out! One One One One also takes place on Wednesday 9 March at 13 at Centralen and Thursday and Friday 10-11 March at 13 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern.

"Nordic dance offers an intimate encounter"

SVT Nyheter Västernorrland

18:15-18:30 Film screening

Screening of two films. Location: Elverket stage

FOLK - Where is popular culture and what is nationality? Is it something already determined or can it be changed and developed? In a pine-clad village hall, cultures and generations meet. Folk is a dance film that warms up what is frozen in time. - Maja Lind Jonsson, Göteborg Film Festival Length: 8 min

DON'T KISS .mov - The scene is set, familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. Two men involved in a gaze magnetic enough to lock their lips and bring them up. What is the purpose of this kiss? Is it passion, contact, expression, commitment? Perhaps it is all of these and more, or nothing more than touch. Length: 8 min

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