Örjan Andersson is undoubtedly one of Sweden's leading choreographers with a strong visuality and a language that demands a lot from the dancers - and thus gives even more back to the audience.

What is a human story? What memories do we as individuals carry with us? What is truth, what is false, what is false, what is false? How do we pile up our memories, transmit them, change them, distort them?

"Pile it on" revolves around the physical expression of remembering and vice versa - accessing memories through physical activity. The dancers go through the feat of fusing their identities. Fusion can be seen as a metaphor for consensus, but also for letting go of one's own identity.

Örjan Andersson has worked as a choreographer for over 20 years, dividing his time between working with his own company Andersson Dance and other dance companies across Europe.
Andersson's choreography explores time, space and energy in ever-changing ways, always giving the audience an unexpected new experience of what dance can be. Quirkiness, humour and warmth merge with dizzying high-speed dance and the art of movement that touches and challenges the imagination. Together with Örjan Andersson's words, opinions and movements, dancers Asher Lev and Yoshifumo Inao have created a semi-biographical work "Pile it on".

"Örjan Andersson here takes his exceptional and renowned compositional skills to a new challenge between speech and movement directly from the dancing body. Two distinct, personal dancers, Japanese Yoshifumi Inao, born and raised in Kyoto, Japan and now living in Norway, and Asher Lev, born in Canada and raised in Israel, meet here. The expression is personal, moving, playful and, as always in Örjan Andersson's work, an exploration of composition as an aesthetic tool. "


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