In his new work, Jefta van Dinther wants to mislead and challenge the audience with a fusion of choreography, light, sound and stage design.


 The work oscillates between the dancers and their movements, and the materials they interact with. The core of the choreography emerges. Basic elements blend and unfold into breathtaking grandeur, where the raw meets the psychedelic. At this intersection of fact and fantasy, Plateau Effect tests our ability to transcend the here and now.

In Plateau Effect, the dancers resemble a society in constant and rootless movement through different landscapes. Communication, transport, construction and settlement become choreography, uniting the dancers in an attempt to create something more than a single person can achieve. Through body and voice, through sound, light and materials, this force ripples back and forth towards the audience. Immersed in David Kier's soundscape, with lighting design by Minna Tiikkainen and set design by SIMKA, the work rushes through the dancers' work. Vibrant and unstoppable.

- With Plateau Effect, I want to continue to develop the exploration of perception. I want the body, light and sound to literally spread out and reach the audience in a direct way, without having to be interpreted. I want to give the audience an opportunity to be in something they don't recognise. The title Plateau Effect refers to a state of stable development and productivity that after a while reaches a plateau, says Jefta van Dinther about his new work.


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