9 Apr


Acclaimed Mozambican choreographer Panaibra Canda offers two intense dance encounters.

Since reclaiming its independence from Portugal in 1975, Mozambique has been a country of social and political divisions with a fragile democracy. Contemporary Mozambique, with issues of pluralism, nationality and freedom of expression, is always at the centre of award-winning choreographer Panaibra Gabriel Canda's work.

This work is new and a continuation of Canda's research into contemporary Mozambique. With four dancers of two different generations on stage, accompanied by solo guitarist Jorge Domingos, Canda explores the breaking point in the historical conflict between tradition and modernity. There is a break in the dance between these two that creates a new idiom. Here he plays with modern and traditional aesthetics.

Don't miss it! On 8 April, Panaibra Canda's acclaimed solo performance will also be shown.
The Marrabenta Solos from 2010.

Included in Destination Joburg - Maputo - a whole month at Dansens Hus with African choreographers, dancers and musicians.
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Good to know

Panaibra Gabriel Canda is the founder of Mozambique's first contemporary dance company.


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