The 80s called and wanted their jazz pants back.



55 minutes

22 Feb


23 Feb


Inés Belli offers jazz nostalgia, postmodern theories and a great sense of humour.

In the 1980s, jazz dancing made a big splash. In films like Flashdance and Footloose we learnt to stretch with a swing and jog on the spot. Every other youngster was dragging their chasse into the dance hall, which meant that the following decade was largely spent wearing lycra jazz trousers.

In the works of Inés Bellis Postmodern Cool deconstructs the iconic dance steps of the jazz dance repertoire. With unison movements and a large dose of humour, five dancers manage to combine this commercial dance genre with postmodernist theories. This approach challenges established norms in both jazz dance and contemporary dance.

Inés Belli sets out to make the legendary form and style of jazz dance relevant to today's dance scenes. And she succeeds. Postmodern Cool is very much a contemporary dance work, but with a tingling nostalgia that makes the feet on the bench stand up in surprise at the pas de bourree....

Inés Belli

Oslo-based Inés Belli works as a choreographer in the field of contemporary dance. With a Bachelor in Dance from Oslo National Academy of Arts and a Master in Contemporary Art Theory from Goldsmiths University, London, her work is always theoretically grounded. She likes to create different contexts to challenge the audience's interpretation and her dancers' practices.

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Debriefing 23 Feb

What is the starting point of the performance? What is jazz dance's relationship to and being on the contemporary dance scene, history, tradition and rebellion? And what does Inés herself hope will be beyond the horizon for Jazz Dance? Clara Björck, Lecturer in Jazz Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts, and choreographer Ines Belli discuss this and much more.