In the balancing act between composition and improvisation where liveness emerges, a gentle dance progresses, aiming for perfect pitch.



50 minutes

22 Feb


23 Feb


24 Feb


Workshop for people with some dance experience

24 Feb


There is no point. There is a work. A collaboration.
A dance like a dance. And a concert. A dance performance. With text.
Some time. Some place. Not here. I remember plastic. A fan. Soda machine.
Maybe a road.
Maybe a river.
Face into the ground.

From side to side.
From the outside.
The floor brushes the fingers.
The fingers touch the heart.

When the body dances, I realise that I am not it.
Not mine.
Loose yourself to dance.
There is no point.

In co-production with Dansens Hus and Riksteatern.


2023 11 14 Rasmus 6675 Edit

Rasmus Ölme

After his career as a dancer, Rasmus founded the group REFUG and produced several works in the 2000s that toured Europe. At Dansens Hus he has presented the solo Rasmus Kosmos (2005) and On Three (Rasmus then moved his base from Brussels to Stockholm and earned his PhD in choreography in 2014 through a collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University of the Arts, and has since continued in artistic research as a professor at the Danish School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. Now Rasmus returns to the stage again and does so by bringing together the group he made his debut work with.

Photo: Thomas Zamolo

2024 01 22 Rasmus 6756 Edit

Dan Johansson

Dan has been seen on stage in works by the most renowned choreographers in Sweden for more than 25 years and also in his own works. Alongside his work as a freelancer, Dan has also been employed at Cullberg for periods of time. As an integral part of his artistic work, Dan has taught and choreographed for professional training programmes in Stockholm, and his pedagogical work has recently become more focused through his employment at Stockholm University of the Arts and Kävesta Folk High School.

Photo: Thomas Zamolo

2024 01 22 Rasmus 6869 Edit

Jean-Louis Huhta

Jean-Louis has played in groups such as The Skull Defekts, Lucky People Centre, and Anti-Cimex. He has composed music for several dance works and participated in installation works and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. In 2010 Jean-Louis started the solo project Dungeon Acid with which he produces and performs live. 

Photo: Thomas Zamolo.

Trailer: Thomas Zamolo

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In constant motion with Rasmus Ölme
Join us for a rehearsal of It's not an idea in Hallen in Farsta.

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23/2 Follow-up discussion with Rebecka Berchtold and Rasmus Ölme

Rebecka Berchtold works with dance and choreography. She has worked with choreographers such as Cristina Caprioli, Martin Forsberg, or/or, Stina Nyberg, Ioannis Mandafounis and Ludvig Daae. The years 2019-2022 Rebecka worked as a dancer with the company Norrdans in Härnösand and since 2022 she works freelance with Stockholm as a base. Rebecka produces 5678 which is a podcast about dance training and runs the project inside which explores dance classes as a method, format and choreography.

24/2 13-15 Workshop

With Rasmus Ölme for people with some dance experience. Book via link, limited number of seats.

Dream of weightlessness among swinging fluorescent tubes


The oscillation of the arms mirrors the movement of the fluorescent tubes as they are suspended from the ceiling and set in motion.


an almost ceaselessly immersive, visually interesting dance work.