In a Tunisian courtyard worn by time, three dancers and five singers come together. The songs and voices of the musicians join the dance and acrobatics, opening the door to the spiritual and the divine. Rayahzone is a Sufi celebration of life!

"Rayah" means journey in Arabic, and it is indeed a sometimes breakneck journey where tenderness, authenticity and the joy of being together are the key words. With dancing and singing Rayah zone a performance full of reflection, poetry and humanity.

The Belgian-Tunisian brothers Ali and Hèdi Thabet have created a performance that is suggestive and sensual. Together with dancer Lionel About, they each represent a character: sanity, madness and death. They form a five-person trio that balances, climbs and fights with each other, challenging both horizontality and verticality.

The brothers Ali and Hèdi Thabet both have a background in the circus and have toured the world. Ali has previously worked with Pina Bausch, Joseph Nadj and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, among others. Rayah zone is their first performance together.