A production residency that highlights the brilliance, strength, meaninglessness and ambivalence of the lonely person.


A theatre piece born from the state of mind of a person at the edge of a cliff. "Call of the void", French "L´appel du vide", is the expression of the feeling of the sudden desire to jump in front of a train, wanting to feel fire or turn off the road. Artificial and elevated expressions inspired by anime sci-fi are used to expose our innermost humanity. The dancer, materials, sound and light become performative, dissolving each other's bodies and our senses.

Call of the void is in dialogue with the infinite and the isolated. The project is created in close collaboration between choreographer Nicole Neidert, dancer Anton Borgström, composer Daniele Mana, costume designer/scenographer Linnea Bågander and lighting designer Joakim E Karlsson.

The project started with thoughts about intangible and existential phenomena and feelings. The phenomenon "L´appel du vide" is an example of thoughts that many people have experienced, but do not act on. An intuitive thought we suppress so as not to harm ourselves or others. Self-awareness is our saviour here, without it we would lose our grip on ourselves.

Despite the fear, there is still an attraction to what we know is devastating. What is in that urge? The related expression [an urge to jump affirms the urge to live] affirms these moments as a reminder that we want to exist. These expressions contain both a darkness and a hopefulness that I want to explore philosophically and choreographically.

Call of the void will be a dance performance that highlights the brilliance, strength, meaninglessness and ambivalence of the lonely person. A work that slides between synthetic and organic, reality and fiction.

Nicole Neidert

Nicole has been working as a dance artist since 2012. Her work focuses on artificial expressions, textures/materiality, our senses, alternative bodies, emotional storms and dance. Through works that slide between illusions and realities, she wants to expose different sides of our humanity and expand our senses.

Her work has been shown at Skånes Dansteater, SPIRA Kulturhus, Falkhallen Falkenberg, Hjalmar Bergman Theatre Örebro and Malmö Konserthus.

More about Nicole Neidert can be found here: https://nicoleneidert.com/



Nicole Neidert


Anton Borgström


Amina Hocine. 


Linnea Bågander

Lighting design

Joakim E Karlsson


Malin Arnesson


Dansens Hus



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