Meet the next generation of dancers in the works of professional choreographers.



60 minutes

3 Jun


4 Jun


5 Jun


It is a tradition that the Ballet Academy's final year students show their final production on one of Dansens Hus' stages. Last year, the pandemic made it a digital version. But in 2021, the students will be back physically on stage.
This time, the final production is entitled Salute. In early June, it will be shown on our main stage for three nights.
The works that students will demonstrate are

(Extract) Aluminium, choreography Mats Ek
Bartolomeo part 1 and 3, Choreography Mari Carrasco
PACT, choreography Lee Brummer
Shake, Work, Dance, Work , choreography Johan Forsberg
The Now, The Universal Solvent (extract), The beginning of the end, choreography Charlotta Öfverholm

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When the Ballet Academy was founded in 1957 by Lia Schubert, it was the first vocational dance school that included not only classical ballet but also modern and jazz dance. The school was founded on the basis of several needs: on the one hand, there was a need for an education for students who started their main dance training late, and on the other hand, there was a great need for an all-round dance education with different forms of dance. The Ballet Academy's Professional Dance Education is a versatile, qualified and internationally characterised education that provides students with the technical and artistic skills required in the musical and entertainment industry or in dance as an independent art form.

Watch the show digitally, premiere on 11 June at 19:00.

Portrait of choreographer Mats Ek.

Mats Ek

Mats Ek (born 1945) is one of Sweden's most prominent choreographers and dancers of all time. His professional career began in the 1960s and 70s, when he worked at the Royal Dramatic Theatre as assistant director to Ingmar Bergman, along with his own directing assignments. From 1972, he moved to dance and the Cullberg Ballet Company, and then, less than ten years later, took over as artistic director of the company between 1981 and 1993. In 1993, Mats Ek left the company and has since worked as a freelance choreographer and director.

Mari Carrasco

Mari Carrasco is a Stockholm based choreographer from Sweden/Chile. Carrasco graduated from Balettakademien Stockholm in 2008 and has studied at Stockholm University of the Arts and at the International Visa Programme at Dance New Amsterdam in New York. 

Carrasco started to create work during her education at Balettakademien and have been producing her own independent work from 2009. Since then Mari Carrasco has established herself as a well renowned choreographer in Sweden. She got her first breakthrough with her piece BARTOLOMEO. This piece toured with Riksteatern from 2012-2013. In 2014 Carrasco produced a successful world tour with the same piece performing at festivals such as: APAP New York, Arts Festival Capri, Contemporary Dance Festival Ramallah and Amman, International Theater Festival Tokyo and Okinawa and Festival Teatralia Madrid. BARTOLOMEO also won the PRIX D'ASSITEJ 2013. 

Mari Carrasco has made commission work for Skånes Dansteater, Norrdans, Regionteater Väst, Riksteatern, Dansstationen, Unga Klara, STHLM 59 North, Vällingby Stadsteater, Holstebro Dansekompagni and Verve Leeds in UK.

Lee Brummer

Lee Brummer is an independent choreographer, international guest teacher and educator based in Sweden. She studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Israel where she also completed her BA and teaching degree in 2007. Lee has studied psychology, theatre and pilates alongside her career as a dancer and choreographer.

Lee is the Associate Director and Co-Founder of ilDance, an independent and international contemporary dance company and organisation based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since 2016 Lee also manages GAGA SWEDEN under the umbrella of ilDance. She is also a founding and participating member of the international Contemporary Dance Collective (iCoDaCo). Lee danced with the Bat Dor Dance Company (Israel)The Emanuel Gat Dance Company (Israel) She has worked as choreographer's assistant in a variety of dance productions and musicals in Sweden and abroad.

Johan Forsberg

Johan Forsberg graduated from Balettakademien in 2010. Since then he has among others worked with companies such as Regionteater Väst, Oslo Danse Ensemble and IlDance and choreographers such as Subjazz, Helena Franzén, Fredrik Benke Rydman and Charlotta Öfverholm. 

One of his passions and specialties has been within the field of contemporary jazz and he is excited to bring that out in his work as a choreographer. Inspirations range from contemporary dance to theatre to old school jazz dancing with a strong love for musicality and narrative.

Charlotta Öfverholm

Charlotta Öfverholm studied at Balettakademien Göteborg, Alvin Ailey ADC (NYC) and is a theatre graduate of UCLA in Film/TV/Video and from The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute (LA). She has a background as a dancer with numerous companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre/Lloyd Newson, Bill T. Jones/NYC, Complexions/ NYC, Farm in the Cave/ Prague, Roberto Galván/ Tanzcompagnie Giessen, Joseph Tmim /Toláda Berlin, Ramon Oller/ Metros Barcelona, Robert Poole/ Ballet Linz, Cie Corinne Lanselle Paris, Dorte Olesen, Elisson Kompani and Alexander Ekman in Stockholm among others.

Charlotta started her Compagnie Jus de la Vie 1995, and since created over 25 productions, which have toured all over the world. Her work is physical dance theatre with depth, irony, brutality and humour. She choreographes commissioned works for companies such as Gothenburg Dance Company, Norrdans, RTV and Folkoperan/ Sweden, Vertedance Prague/CZ, Ballet Linz/AU, Tanztheater Münster/DE and Peridance Contemporary Ballet/NYC. Since 2015 focusing on celebrating maturity on stage through the project AGE ON STAGE with seminars, performances, films and workshops all with performers with an age over the norm.



Lee Brummer
Mats Ek
Mari Carrasco
Johan Forsberg
Charlotta Öfverholm

Lighting design

Palle Palmé

Artistic Director, Principal of the Ballet Academy

Jan Åström


Håkan Larsson
Lesley-leslie Spinks (portrait Mats Ek)
Thomas-Zamolo (Portrait of Mari Carrasco)
Carl-Thorborg (portrait Johan Forsberg)
Anders Larsson (portrait Charlotta Öfverholm)


Professional dancer training:
Karen Voss Albrechtsen, Cornelia Andersson, Stamatoula Matina Antypa, Cassandra Bækkel, Esther Alberte Bundgaard, Lina Börlin, Ebba Gull, Anja Guttenkunst, Emma Anine Haugen, Anna Sofie Heyman, Alicia Karlsson, Vanessa Lindblom, Ellinor Louise Lindholm, Emmi Mikkola, Sanna Möller, Felicia Nilsson, Astrid Ottosson, Victor Persson, Johanna Mellingen Primavera, Minna Sundén, William Säfström, Khai Quang Tieu, Paula Vuorela, Silje Marlen Sulerud Wøhni.


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