Carl Olof Berg does not shy away from mixing humour with seriousness. In his previous performances, he has interpreted everything from 60s princess gymnastics, pop songs written by men with his one-man cover band Bögen, to guided tours of men's clubs. In the new work The Manchild Research is based on interviews with men talking about not having children. It is a performance that addresses issues such as; Have you ever imagined being pregnant? and What is the function of sexuality?

Mozambican choreographer Panaibra Gabriel Canda's work often deals with identity and cultural heritage. He has previously visited Dansens Hus with the shows Point of Intersection and The Marrabenta Solos. In it, he blended Mozambican guitar music, dance and oral history to confront 400 years of colonialism. In his new piece Metamorphoses Canda and three dancers are looking for a new expression and new ways of approaching what is 'different'.

About exChange Mozambique - Sweden
The performance is presented within the framework of exChange Mozambique - Sweden; a one-year artistic exchange project that wants to raise questions about which bodies are seen on stage, what norms prevail and how an inclusive perspective on the body and choreography can develop the possibilities of contemporary and future dance. The project also includes the symposium exChange Perspectives (which took place in March 2015) and a workshop and film making in Maputo (summer 2015). Watch the documentary from the workshop in Maputo by Ylva Henrikson.

The exChange Mozambique - Sweden project is run by Dansens Hus in Stockholm and CulturArte in Maputo, in co-operation with DOCH School of Dance and Circus Arts/Stockholm University of the Arts, and Skåne Dance Theatreand is implemented with the support of PostcodeLottery Cultural Foundation and Swedish Institute.