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This spring, 16 students from Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) Bachelor's Programme in Dance will present their final production at Dansens Hus. The students will work with the choreographer Amanda Piña who is creating a brand new work for and with the university's students.

The work is part of the Climatic Dances study, which in turn is part of the Endangered Human Movements project - a long-term research by choreographer Amanda Piña on the current loss of the planet's cultural and biological diversity.

In Climatic Dances, the choreographer is inspired by Mexican anthropologist Alessandro Questa's dance work on climate change and mining exploitation.

In this work, Amanda Piña explores how notions of the earth have changed over time and in relation to different historical geneologies and ontologies. Here, her biographical landscape, a particular mountain in the central Andes of Chile, now destroyed by neo-extractive forces, becomes a place to share grief and rage, to mourn and to stand up.

Launched in 2014, the Endangered Human Movements project has developed a series of performances, workshops, installations, publications and an extensive online archive that reconstruct, recontextualise and signify human movement practices that are in danger of disappearing. The project aims to unlock their future potential. More information about the students can be found on SKH's website.

The performance will be livestreamed on 3 June at 18:00.

Amanda Piña

Amanda Piña is a Mexican-Chilean-Austrian artist and cultural worker living between Vienna and Mexico City. Her work deals with the decolonisation of art with a focus on the political and social power of the movement.

Her works are contemporary rituals for temporarily dismantling the ideological distinctions between modern and traditional, human, animal, nature and culture. Amanda Piña is interested in creating art beyond the idea of a product and developing new frameworks for creating sensual experiences.

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Amanda Piña

Choreography transfer

Juan Carlos Palma


Jane Sievänen, Mariê Mazer, Wilma Seppälä, Wilma Maunula, Tone Johannessen, Natalia Drozd, Taika Rautiainen, Sigrid Sjöholm, Heta Asikainen, Cilia Herrmann, Sonja Karoliina Aaltonen, Daphne Giannikopoulou, Mariana Dias, Aleksandra Krzekotowska, Beatriz Pereira, Carolina Rodrigues


Christian Müller

Lighting and stage design

Michel Jimenez

Theory & research

Alessandro Questa, Amanda Piña
Juan Carlos Palma


Isabella Strehlau

Tour manager

Something Great (Berlin)

Senior Counsellor

Marie-Christine Baratta-Dragono


Angela Vadori (SMart)


Nadaproductions, Stockholm University of the Arts


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