When Sweden's dancehall elite come together, Dansens Hus Lilla scen overflows with attitude and power. The suburbs and injustices are put in focus and you are offered "wickedness", "vibes", "madness" and "mayhem" without equal.

With the uptempo and edge of dancehall, we meet feminism in its rawest form. UNRULY GHAL gives us an aggressive and strong dance expression where the energy flows and the emphasis is on departing from what is classified as normal. The steps that we recognise from the latest music videos have finally found their way onto the stage and for the first time in Sweden, a dancehall performance of this size is given!

Dancehall as a cultural expression comes from Jamaica and serves as an alternative means by which the young black working class formulates and dictates its identity in local, national and global contexts. The dancehall represents the voice of the people, and through it young people attempt to address issues such as poverty, violence and racism. Now UNRULY GHAL takes the stage and delivers uncompromising girl power.

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