This year Urban Battle consists of three categories: Team Up battle (for dancers up to 16 years old), Hip Hop battle 1 vs 1 and 3 vs 3 crew battle, Vogue, House, Popping. Come and dance, battle or watch during this day filled with the best of music and some of the most skilful dancers in the Swedish and international street dance scene.


10 May


Team up Battle (up to 16 years old)

"Team up Battle" is an allstyle battle where everyone up to and including 16 years old can participate. As a competitor, you register as a solo dancer. Then the selection takes place in the form of a battle where each individual competitor dances 1 minute each against another competitor. The judges select the top 16 of all participants. The selected top 16 then face each other in a 1 vs 1, 8-part final with 1 solo each. After that, the 8 who advanced are drawn into pairs and the contestants can team up with one of their previous opponents. Semifinal and Final will then be a 2 vs 2 battle where each dancer gets 2 solos of 45 seconds each.

1vs1 Hiphop Battle

1vs1 battle in the style of Hip Hop. 8 dancers are selected from a competition and one by one battle their way through the quarter finals, semi-finals and final where only one can be crowned the winner.
Price: 2000 kr

3 vs 3 Crew Battle - Vogue, House, Popping (invited)

4 invited "team leaders" have had to pick their Dream Teams with one representative from each style; Vogue, House and Popping. This is a 3 vs 3 battle where dancers from three different styles come together to decide who is the best team.
Price: 6000 kr

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