Peeping Tom is back at Dansens Hus with a tender and playful dance theatre that has been a success around Europe. i Father ('Father') depicts the fragile world of elderly care and our relationship with old age. Set in the visitors' room of a retirement home, the show stages an absurd world on the edge of life and death. At the centre of the action is an elderly man, played by 70-year-old actor Jef Stevens, who, through imagination or illness, turns the events of everyday life into fantasy. His life story seems to hold a lot, or is he just demented? He loses himself in memories, dreams and illusions. The poignant narrative material is woven together in situations that seem both strange and deeply human. Despite the heavy subject matter, the Father an irresistibly charming performance.

Peeping Toms international ensemble consists of dancers, actors and acrobats who twist and turn their bodies in the most impressive movements. At each venue, the company also collaborates with a number of local actors, with people aged 70 and over invited to play key extras in the performance:

- Wherever we stage the show, we ask for older people who live there. We integrate them into the show and use their experiences. Together we have more than 1000 years of life experience on stage, it's amazing," says Peeping Tom's artistic director Frank Chartier in an interview with DN. L
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- For 30 years I've had a desire to be on stage, but my work took too much time so I couldn't even think about the fun part. Now that I'm retired, I'm doing what I want to do and that's why I want to be an extra in Fathersays Inga-Britt Österlind, who lives in Ersta.

About Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom is a Brussels-based company founded in 2000 by Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier. Their performances blur the line between dance, theatre and music and offer strong and intense encounters between people. Most recently in 2012 they visited Dansens Hus with 32 Rue Vandenbranden which was described as a theatrical electric shock and a virtuoso cinematic nightmare. Vader is the first part of a trilogy; the next two shows deal with motherhood and children. The performance premiered in May 2014. Peeping Tom is touring the world and the guest performance at Dansens Hus is the Swedish premiere.

The performance on 4 March will be interpreted. Read more here.