Movers Signum

This fall, we present our new format Movers Signum, a moment given in real time from the processes of Swedenbased choreographers.


The new format targets the dance field to meet the need for networking between performers and programmers.

With live streams from our stage Elverket, international and local programmers, educators, choreographers and dancers, as well as other interested viewers, can participate in two public presentations.

Each live stream will feature three choreographers for thirty minutes. What ideas fuel their creativity, what do their practices look like – and how do they describe their idiosyncrasies and individuality?

Be ready for half an hour of movement, speed and thoughtfulness with a very personal touch.

18 October, 15.00 CET (Jefta van Dinther, Maria Naidu, Nicole Neidert).

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13 December, 15.00 CET (BamBam Frost, Björn Säfsten, Marit Shirin Carolasdotter)

Under hösten kommer Dansens Hus vid två tillfällen att livestreama publika presentationer från Elverkets scen. Målgruppen består av internationella och nationella programläggare, utbildningar,  koreografer och dansare samt vår allra mest intresserade publik. 

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