31 oktober-1 november 2014

Jan Martens VICTOR

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An adult man and a young child. One already has a long journey behind him. The other wants to grow up as fast as possible. To the sounds of Gregorian choir song, VICTOR paints an intimate and delicate portrait of a relationship.

Without speaking, the two performers lift, carry and challenge each other. Sometimes in playful consensus, sometimes in an unequal power struggle. VICTOR is an evocative duet in which the audience is not given any clear answers about the relationship the two have to each other. This is an ingenious and spellbinding game with cultural norms. A story about being big and honest, strong and innocent, but most of all about wanting to be close.

Here, the Belgian choreographer Jan Martens collaborates for the first time with the theatre directors and actor Peter Seynaeve. On stage is the 13 year old Victor Caudron and the dancer Steven Michel. The performance has been a hit with critics and audiences alike, with sold out performances across Europe. Now it is finally coming to Sweden!

“This performance is a slow focus on physicality. We show a form of intimacy that for most people is not very natural because of our rational culture. An almost animal physical experience. We invite everyone to take the time. And to look.” /Jan Martens

”A mesmerising duet in which the most intimate moments in a human life are brought together to form a gently undulating series of virtuoso danced scenes. Or, rather, danced sculptures.” – KNACK, Els Van Steenberghe.

about Jan Martens

Choreographer and dancer Jan Martens has danced in several Belgian companies, including United-C and Ann Van den Broek. He graduated from the Artesis Conservatory for Dance, Antwerp in 2006. Since 2009, he has also been active as a choreographer with a number of international successes, most recently THE DOG DAYS ARE OVER and SWEAT BABY SWEAT. In his work, he strives to emphasise the beauty of human imperfections, rather than physical virtuosity.

In 2013 and 2014 he was artist in residency at the International Choreographic Arts Centre ICK Amsterdam.

”The set design of Victor is minimalistic and unforgettable, an hour long chamber play by the Belgian production duo Jan Martens and Peter Seynaeve.””

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