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Ten dancers and one singer line up to sing and dance their - and our - dreams and fears. The classic musical A Chorus Line has been taken apart and become A Line_up - catchy songs, poignant stories and swag out of time.

The choreography is by Cristina Caprioli, one of Sweden's most challenging and important choreographers. Despite her critical approach to stereotypes and glittery surfaces, she is fascinated by the musical genre. Especially A Chorus Line, which was innovative for its time, turning the personal into public entertainment. Something that is commonplace in today's reality shows and social media, but was completely new at the time. Instead of a finished dance performance, the musical was a staged audition with a series of dancers lined up to compete for the job in a dance show. Their stories and life stories formed the basis of the performance.

In A Line_up, Cristina Caprioli and a group of clever dancers have staged a completely new performance based on the participants' own fantasies and experiences. There will be poignant texts, movement and music with swag and groove. Together they dance A Line_up, a different kind of musical.

"Working in contemporary choreography, I am fascinated by the musical genre. And although I am critical of all "entertainment" in the form of fast consumption, conventional narratives, stereotypes and sentimental glitter, I marvel at the entertainment power of the musical.", says Cristina Caprioli.

A Line_Up premiered at Norrlandsoperan in April 2017. After the performances at Dansens Hus, it will now tour the country together with Riksteatern.


Report in SR's Kulturnytt


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