To exist in the same space. Getting used to, following. Leading, manipulating. Finding a pulse, a current and swinging together. Archaeologist 8 explores what makes us vibrate inwards, outwards and together.

Med Consume Energy and Make Noise they step onto the main stage. In a reflective performance, they experiment with topics such as loneliness and habituation, making an impression and taking up space. With swinging, pulsating and vibrating movements, Archaeologist 8 aims to put the audience in the mood and explore the entropy of being - how, in our quest for community, we inevitably consume energy and create noise.

Arkeolog 8 is a cross-genre dance company characterised by urban dance with power, groove and sharpness. Consume energy and make noise is accompanied by music, specially produced for the performance by musicians Signe Bankefors and Eric Sjögren.

With the support of the City of Stockholm.

 Repetition of Consume Energy and Make Noise


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