19 Oct


When French choreographer Bintou Dembélé creates dance, she is drawn to stories that have been made invisible. In this performance, she works with two contemporary dance styles - hip hop and krump - asking questions about the past expressed and revealed in the dancers' movements. The differences between the soft rhythms of hip-hop and the aggressive expression of krump form the basis of the performance S/T/R/A/T/E/S. The title comes from the English word 'stratum' (layers) and refers to the exploration of the past through different layers.

On stage, Binto Dembélé is accompanied by "crumbler" Anne-Marie Van dite Nash, singer Charlène Andjembé and musician Charles Amblard. Bintou Dembélé is one of the pioneers of French hip hop and has danced with the major street companies in France. She belongs to a generation of dancers who have made the leap from street dance and battles to the stage. With her own company Rualité, she creates works that address issues of colonialism, representation, the body and the gaze.

About Krump
Krumping is a form of street dance originating in the United States that is characterised by fast and aggressive movements of the arms, legs, head, chest and feet.


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