Ghostly sleepwalkers meet you in acclaimed choreographer Cristina Caprioli's brand new work IRRGÅNG. Premiere in November at Dansens Hus c/o stage Hallen in Farsta.


60 minutes

Enclosed by uncertain walls, the dancer gives up her presence and becomes a ghost. Loose in her contours, she travels between what is perceived as real and what is assumed to be imagined. As if dancing were an image to be longed for and dreaded. Unreliable images that haunt us, and we them. The dance I secretly love. Silent, unavoidable, immediate.

- Cristina Caprioli


After years of dancing in the form of a spineless stranger, incomprehensible bird cries, fine mist, soft threads, airborne stain and ash in the wind. Now the sight is set on the dance that moves towards and past. In a one-way repeatable course. Figuratively and allegorically.

The dance relinquishes its body and becomes a projected trajectory. Without depth, weight and contours, it approaches the frame and then dissolves. Dance in a one-way approach, in broken rhythm, again towards, immediately past. Repeated appearances without arrival. A ghostly dance. Movement in the true sense of the word.

The place is atomised into an unfinished labyrinth whose deceptive patterns arc over and away. Uneven structure incapable of its horizon. Systematic arrangement in the service of disorder. Along the footpaths, the goal out of sight, only passages passing the indicated. Trust and deception. The dance becomes (a) choreography.


Framed by the pending walls, the dancer gives up her body and turns into a ghost. With no depth, no weight, no contours, she travels between the tangible and the presumed. As if dancing were an image to crave and fear. Images that haunt us, and we them. The dancing I secretly love. Silent, unavoidable, immediate.

- Cristina Caprioli

11 November at 16: Meet the artist

Meet choreographer Cristina Caprioli in any shape or form at Elverket. At 18:00 bus departs to Hallen in Farsta where you can see the work. DEADLOCK.

Note! Limited number of seats in Hallen. To see IRRGÅNG after meet the artist at Elverket you need to buy a separate ticket via Ticketmaster.

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After Dansens Hus' run, the show will continue to play in Hallen under CCAP's own auspices.
Play dates are 12, 16-19, 23-26 and 30 November and 1-3 Dec. For more info and booking click here.