14 May


In this year's festival FATTA close the festival with their political message, which is just as relevant now as it was last year. But this time we do it on the main stage, with bravura and with the support of the feminist icons. Cleo and JUCK.

This is not the first time that FATTA has collaborated with rapper Cleo. In May 2013, Cleo initiated the now well-known FATTA campaign together with... Sister Sol, Ida Eastern son and Vanessa Marko. The song by Cleo and Sister Sol raised issues of sex, rape and legislation in an innovative and passionate way. For rapper Cleo, music has always been a way to create change. She often draws on frustration and anger in her lyrics and combines it with an expression that she loves. Within the collective Femtastic, which Cleo co-founded, she has been an obvious artist and role model, a female rapper who has created a stage for other women in hip hop and inspired young girls to take their place. Now she is taking her own place on Dansens Hus' main stage together with Dj Eka Scratch (Femtastic) and the dancers from JUCK.

JUCK is the collective that twists gender and sexuality. With a huge drive and attitude, the emphasis is on taking up space... and space they do. JUCK convinces the audience of their obvious existence with their explicit gestures and cheeky revelation. Together with Cleo and Fatta, they make an obvious statement that should be commonplace by now. So why hasn't everyone got it? Fatta! Featuring Cleo and JUCK is a final manifestation with a clear political agenda that leaves a mark on the festival visitor.

1TP8I'm sorry.
I renounce the right to other people's bodies. In doing so, I also take on the responsibility to listen to their body signals. If they become quiet and passive, turn away, hesitate or give any other signal that indicates that they might not want to, I take the responsibility to stop, wait and see if they take their own initiative. And if it is unclear, I ask "How is it? Do you want to?" I take it upon myself not to take their willingness for granted.


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