Horror, existential angst and profound loss: Charlie Prague's new show takes a closer look at death. Both its dark and its light sides. And the paradox that nothing makes us feel as alive as death.

Life Before/After depicts the dependency and separation anxiety in a relationship. What happens when someone you love is suddenly lost? Who do you become when the other person disappears? And how does death affect our lives?

Choreographer, producer and dancer Charlotte "Charlie" Prag has been working with street dance and locking since 1998. In her performance Life Before/After, she explores the genre of horror. She experiments with the movements and body language that evoke horror, fear and discomfort. Suggestive discomfort and chills are promised in Urban Connection's most terrifying performance!

Trailer for Life Before/After

Carried out with the support of the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.


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