Dreamy circus concert where equilibristic acrobatics meet Karin Boye's poems - set to music and performed live by Jonathan Johansson and David Lindvall.



60 minutes

11 Feb


Live music

12 Feb


Live music

13 Feb


Live music

17 Feb


Recorded music

Note! Live music 11, 12, 13 Feb Recorded music 17 Feb

Clouds is a dream play that, with a light and poetic hand, throws itself between the urgent depths of existential blackness and the bright light clouds that live in all of us; especially at the crossroads between child and adult.

Screenplay by Stina Oscarson is an experiment in form where she has combined extracts from Karin Boye's poems into a seamless universe. The texts have been set to music by Jonathan Johansson and David Lindvall and in three of the four performances at Dansens Hus, the music is performed live on stage by Jonathan Johansson and his band.

The ensemble includes four circus artists, Axel Ahl, Benjamin Beaujard, Elaine Briant and Sara Runsten, who together embody the dreamy world of Karin Boye's poetry. A musical acrobatic fantasy. Ethereal, delicate and wistfully hopeful.

Jonathan Johansson

There is no doubt that Jonathan Johansson is one of our best. He knows what he's doing when it comes to combining thoughtful seriousness with exuberant playfulness, carefully crafted pretensions with spontaneous rapture, contemporary observations with self-examining introspection and forward-looking R&B pop with electronic moodscapes. He broke through in 2008 with 'A Hand in the Sky' and has since released several critically acclaimed albums and racked up Grammy nominations.

"Cloud" is not the first time Johansson has appeared on a theatre stage. In 2009 he participated in the Danish Hotel Pro Forma's opera "Tomorrow in a year" and in 2012 he wrote the music and acted in the performance "Dracula" at Uppsala City Theatre.
In spring 2022, the new album "Om vi får leva" will be released, the sequel to the critically acclaimed "Scirocco", which had critics around the country praising Johansson. Jan Gradvall wrote: "One of the bravest, most inspiring and elaborate Swedish albums I have ever heard". A tour is also planned for spring 2022. Read more about Jonathan


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Like Boye's poems, "Clouds" speaks to every trembling heart, young or old, that wants to keep the dream of flying alive.


...enjoyable to sink into this suitably emotional, poetic atmosphere, listen to the song and float away for a while.


Cloud is a feather-light dream play filled to the brim with throbbing Boye melancholy.