Shaken duet about the city of the dead.



60 minutes

30 Sep


1 Oct


2 Oct


Note! The performance is in English.

Necropolis examines one of the greatest humanitarian disasters of our time. Arkadi Zaides and his partners have collected data on migrants who have all died trying to reach or settle in Europe. Their research has become a digital archive, a virtual city of the dead called Necropolis.

The performance is a hybrid between documentation and choreographic reflection. The large, accumulated amount of data contrasts with the living, vulnerable body on stage. The bodies in the city of the dead, which Zaides gives movement back to.

A penetrating experience that raises the question of the ethical responsibility of all of us in this tragedy.

Zaides started collecting data on migrants who have died on their way to, or after arriving in Europe. This list is continuously updated....


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Ethical balancing act to bring dead migrants to life