Dimitris Papaioannou made his international breakthrough when he created the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2004 Athens Olympics. Whether working in large arenas, old factories or prestigious dance venues, Papaioannou continues to create works that captivate audiences around the world. He is an aesthete through and through and Still Life is further proof of this. With its austere beauty, his new show speaks to both the emotions and the senses.

Under a huge cloud of smoke, the dancers appear as if from nowhere. Then they disappear as mysteriously as they came. Inspired by the Greek myth of King Sisyphus, who was eternally condemned to roll a boulder in front of him, he portrays the working-class hero searching for meaning. Still Life invites us to overcome our habits and break free from myths to reclaim the meaning of everyday life and work.

The multi-talented Dimitris Papaioannou began his career as an artist and his works can almost be seen as living still lifes - always with a strong visual impact. He often reminds us that art can conjure up magic from the most minimal means.

Opening ceremony of the European Games 2015

Opening ceremony of the 2004 Athens Olympics