Welcome to Performing the Archives - a whole week at Dansens Hus where we review and reflect on the history of dance.

The German group Ligna presents an interactive performance where the audience can step onto the stage. Choreographers Rani Nair and Olga de Soto each perform a solo based on the work of legendary choreographer Kurt Jooss. Considered by many to be the most influential choreographer of the last century, he inspired and shaped Swedish choreographer Birgit Cullberg and taught greats such as Pina Bauch.

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Start the week with a conversation about Kurt Jooss and the beginnings of the week with Performing the Archives. Participants: Kate Elswit, Olga Soto and Rani Nair. Small stage, 10 March at 19:00.  Please let us know in advance that you are coming to [email protected]

Who is Kate Elswit? Hon. is a choreographer, curator and dramaturge. At the University of Bristol, she is a lecturer in Performing Arts and Theatre Studies. Previously she was a research assistant at Stanford University with the Andrew W. Mellon Fellowship of Scholars in the Humanities and has also taught at CalArts, Laban and the University of Cambridge, where she holds a PhD. She has won two awards for her scholarly publications including the Gertrude Lippincott Award from the Society of Dance History Scholars. Her essays have been published in Theater Journal, Art Journal, Performance Research and in the collection New German Dance Studies. Currently, she has just submitted the final manuscript for her book; Watching Weimar Dance in forthcoming Oxford University Press.


An introduction
12-13 March at 19.00 (small stage)

Ligna (DE)

The new man
12-15 March at 17.30 + 20.30 (main stage)

Rani Nair (SE)

Future Memory
14+15 March at 19.00 (Lilla scen)


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