A full day of battles on the main stage of Dansens Hus.


11 May


Welcome to Urban Connection where, on 11 May 2019, we invite you to Battle in two categories!

11:00 - 12:00 Registration for Youth Battle and Crew Battle competitors!
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12 - 14 pm Open Style Youth Battle - 1 vs 1

Come and see the new generation of dancers compete for the win. It's an open style battle, which means that all dancers can participate regardless of the genre or style of dance. The music that will be played is urban. The judging panel consists of three recognised dancers. All dancers who apply will do an audition solo. The jury selects 8 dancers who go on to the quarter finals, then the semi-finals and final.

The age limit for the Youth battle is 15 years! 

ILTD will select 1 dancer to go to Paris and participate in the ILTD All Star Kids in November 2019. This includes travel and hotel for 1 child and 1 adult.

Judge Youth battle
Mona-Lisa (SWE)
Paris (UK)
Zyko (FRA)

14 - 16 Open Style Crew Battle

It's time to get your crew together and show who's the hungriest right now. Your crew can consist of 3 - 5 dancers and the music that will be played is urban.

Each crew has two minutes to showcase their skills. The renowned panel of judges selects the 4 best teams who then meet in the semi-final and final. The winners go home with 6000 SEK.

Referee Crew Battle
Paris (UK)
Mackie (SWE)
Xhrk (SWE, UGA)

17 - 19 pm I Love This Dance All Star Duo

The I Love This Dance All Star Game is a concept that started in 2010 in Paris and has attracted the very best dancers in the world. The concept works like a battle but without winners, a place for dancers to challenge each other and themselves without being judged by a jury.

The dancers are selected by I Love This Dance and asked to choose a song. They are then paired with another dancer to face in an exchange battle who has also chosen their own song. In the first round they dance to their opponent's song choice and in the second round they dance to their own.

For the first time ever, the new I Love This Dance All Star concept is being organised. duo. Urban Connection is overwhelmed that the ILTD All star Duo is part of the Urban Connection battle and also that the concept makes its premiere here at Dansens hus.

The concept is the same as before, but this time they have paired up duos to face each other and dance to each other's songs. Expect magical moments when dancers from Sweden, France and England meet in a bubbling exchange.

About the choreographers

David Rigo

David Rigo is a freestyle dancer and his main style is popping. He is the founder of Sweden's most popping-orientated dance battle, Popping Evolution, a competition that is now recognised worldwide.

In Sweden, he has trained for Razzle Dazzle, Damon Frost, Prime, Manne, Niki Tsappos, Martin C Ferretti, Supreme and Oooooh Tiffany. Abroad, he has trained for Gucchon (JAP), Slim Boogie (USA), Greenteck (CAN), Rashaad (USA), Tempo (USA), Kite (JAP), Slick Dogg (USA), Future (USA), Hitmaster Fish (USA), Wiggles (USA), DeyDey (FRA) and Djidawi (FRA).

He is also a member of the international popping crew. G-style who does shows and competes all over the world. At competitions he goes by the name Fowkus and has won many competitions both in Sweden and abroad. He won Streetstar Just Standing Scandinavia 2013 in the style of popping.

Viktor Fröjd

Viktor Fröjd is a dance artist based in Malmö since 2016. He has studied at the 1-year street dance education at Åsa folk high school outside Katrineholm and has a bachelor's degree in dance education with a specialisation in street from Danxs and Cirkushögskolan.

Viktor identifies himself as a freestyle dancer and most of his dance works start from that place. In his works there is a norm-critical approach to the street genre and performing arts in general and in recent years the thoughts have revolved around time, the phenomenon of the beginning and honesty. Outside of creating performances, he battles, mainly in the house style. He is also active in the street dance scene both as a dancer and organiser of events and battles.


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