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23–25 March

Ambra Succi / Crazy Artist Movement
Striving to achieve

Ambra Succi is back a third time with a faster and pumped up version of the audience magnet Striving to Achieve. Experience eleven awesome dancers who shine in a diversity of hip hop styles while conveying one single message: if you want something - never give up!

The choreography alternates hiphop, breaking, voguing and modern dance in an entrancing and polished panorama. The music, which is mixed by dj Funky Loffe, spans from rapturous strings via house to temperamental tango.

Striving to Achieve is an account of life’s many challenges. The point of departure for this highly personal work is Ambra Succi’s persistence and endless hope. The performance is about people and situations that have influenced her, memories and moments that have made their mark. And about the intention to never ever give up. Ambra Succi is the outsider who became one of the starts of the street dance scene through her work in the group Bounce. She has choreographed and danced with most of Sweden’s artist elite. Her company Crazy Artist Movement consists of dancers from a wide range of backgrounds, from street dance to ballet, along with musicians and dj:s.

“This is a dance performance that can be experienced in a thousand different ways. What I hope to convey are emotions that you can relate to or just enjoy. Open your senses and let us share our reality.” /Choreographer Ambra Succi

Striving to achieve has previously been shown to a sold out Dansens Hus during the street dance festival Urban Connection in 2015 and in January 2016.

Ambra Succi
Foto: Daniel Mejia

Ambra Succi Foto: Daniel Mejia

Ambra Succi
Born in Helsinki, to a Finnish mother and an Italian father, Succi began dancing as a 15 year old, arriving in Sweden in 1997 to attend Balettakademien. She is a founder and member of the street dance collective Bounce and the choreographer behind Loreen’s Eurovision triumph Euphoria, the rock opera American Idiot and a recent production of the opera Carmen. Alongside her prolific freelance work choreographing the Swedish artist elite she runs the dance school DIAMBRA and the company Crazy Artist Movement.


Barbarians 10 & 11 March




Practical information

Running time: 60 min (no interval)
Venue: Main stage


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