11 & 12 apr

If ever in range If ever in range

This season's last Late Night! A performance that stretches and extends dimensions, an elastic movement reproduces itself in the space.

Biljetter & info

If Ever in Range is a kind of laboratory that allows us renegotiate the given. The balance between different elements and positions are constantly shifting, and an elastic motion reproduces in space. Nothing is solely itself, everything is elongated into the other. The extension between the objects become the most important property of the objects. The room flings out of its trajectory. Askew and pulsating, it makes space for an acceleration that we cannot entirely control by ourselves. It delays the expected, stretches it, takes it to its extreme, lets it fall back to an apparent starting point, from where it can initiate another distortion.

We aim to remember – again and again – that up, down, vertical, horizontal, center and periphery are not constant categories. These directions, and how we understand them, are determined by our anchors in the world. What looks easy and weightless contains in reality an enhanced pressure. The floating is no illusion. It is just an effect of forces that are constantly present and active in the world. Concealed or possible to observe, they connect everything with everything else. These forces constitute the basic conditions for what is ever in range.

If Ever in Range is a cooperation between: light designer Anton Andersson, sound designer Elize Arvefjord, dancer Lisen Ellard, dramaturge Tova Gerge, dancer Knut Vikström Precht and visual artist Anna Åstrand.