6 & 7 Apr

Cristiana Morganti (ITA) Jessica and me

Humour, impeccable timing and memories of Pina Bausch.

Biljetter & info

“Do you want me to dance, or do you want me to talk?”

Cristiana Morganti, a long-time soloist in Pina Bausch’s company Tanztheater Wuppertal, can do both. She can dance, and she can talk about it with irresistible charm. Jessica and me, her first evening-length piece, is a self-portrait. Decked out in a white dress and red stilettos, she offers us fleeting glimpses of her life and development – reflecting upon the art of dance and what it means to be a dancer. With nonchalance, humour and impeccable timing, she recounts the story of her momentous meeting with the dance icon Pina Bausch, only to then deftly break away from her.

In this new piece, Cristiana Morganti has reached a crucial moment in her professional development and is finally taking time out to reflect on herself, her relationship with her body and with the art of dance. She asks what it means “to be on stage” and examines the distinction between “the other” and “the self” which theatre inevitably creates. The answer is a sort of Self-portrature told in two voices, those of the inner self (Me) and of her alter ego (Jessica), in which, with piquant irony, Cristiana reveals a dancer’s on- and offstage life journey, using a patch work of gestures, shadows, muscles, tenacious grit and gentle irreverence, past memories and visions of the future.