4-5 okt 2019 (small stage)

Anna Öberg (SWE) Solitude

Folk dance like you've never seen it before!

Biljetter & info

Performance duration: 60 min

With a solid ground in the folk tradition, placed in our time and with an outlook at something new, Anna Öberg creates a performance together with Dancenet Sweden

“I move in the tensions between folk dance and contemporary dance. In some context I am looked upon as reactionary, in others as an avant-gardist and a provocateur. I am personally interested in what rubs in between the two.” Anna Öberg

With pulse and rhythm as a driving force, four dancers and two of Sweden’s most renowned folk musicians create a performance with both groove and vibration.

“I am thinking of SOLITUDE as different shades of pulse and rhythm. The pulse that you can hear, see and feel. The pulse which seduces and destroys, unifies and creates meanings but also forces us to uniformity and exposes us to the risks of falling out. The contrasts between belonging and loneliness – I wish to share these extremes with the audience.” – Anna Öberg