2 Feb

Mats Ek & Ana Laguna Vintage dans

Welcome to Vintage Dance! A dream of an evening for dance lovers during which you will get to experience Mats Ek, Ana Laguna and Ivan Auzely on stage in two duets ”Potatis” and ”Yxa” as well as a screening of the film ”Gammal och dörr”.

Biljetter & info

In the duet “Potatis” we see Ana Laguna, Mats Ek and four kilos of potatoes. A humorous and thoughtful tale about an unglamorous but useful knob.

The performance ”Yxa”, choreographed especially for Ana Laguna and Ivan Auzely, is a duet about chopping wood.
“Chopping firewood;
for him a matter of practical importance,
for her a worrying act of violence.
Their contrasting views provokes a confrontation. The outcome is a new togetherness.
The axe has still its edge.”
The piece is accompanied by The Flesh Quartet’s version of  Tomaso Albinoni’s iconic ”Adagio in G-Minor”.

In between the performances of these two works, Mats Ek’s poetic work for television ”Gammal och dörr” is presented. The piece was originally conceived in 1991, with the then 83 year old Birgit Cullberg at it’s centre. The film will on this occasion be screened on the Main Stage of Dansens Hus.