A new premiere of a piece of queer theatre that carries both history and contemporary relevance.


3 Apr


4 Apr


Better People is based on the borderland where human values are negotiated. The work is a powerful confrontation with our notions of the possible. It repeatedly asks the serious question of where the boundaries of what is possible, real and feasible lie. Choreographer Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén/MHS is not interested in staging, but in making things happen.

Better people premiered in 2006, a groundbreaking work that broke new ground in the field of contemporary choreography. Four irresistible characters floored the dance scene with their stubbornly jubilant disco dancing, their transgressive gender expression and their deconstruction of hope as movement.

*/ Photos of the performance are from the original performance, with dancers Audrey Jade Thompson, Marianne Kjærsund, Heidi Lehtoranta, Emelie Garbers.

About the choreographer

Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén

Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén/MHS has worked as a choreographer for almost twenty years and has established herself as a strong feminist voice in the Swedish performing arts. MHS's work explores choreography as a bodily and linguistic practice. Her work reformulates the boundaries of what is possible and dismantles the thresholds to the space of choreography. MHS is interested in identity, sexuality, norm-creative perspectives and marginalised histories. She creates her work from a queer perspective. Other previous works include Flottarkärlek (2019), Parveln (2017) and Missionären (2016), Jag minns dig som du var då (2014), Inom rimliga gränser (2010) and Rosa löften (2008). MHS and Missionary were awarded both the Swedish Theatre Critics Association's Dance Prize and the Swedish Directors' Association's IRIS Prize in 2017. MHS lives and works in Stockholm.

Dansnät Sverige has previously toured Hagar Malin Hellkvist Sellén's performances Projekt - Genusneutral armé på uppdrag (2004), Bättre folk (2006), Rosa löften (2012) and Flottarkärlek (2019).


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