An unprecedented meeting of the generations.


Three generations of choreographers, three different performances, three different experiences - all in one visit. Choreographers Mats Ek, Johan Inger and Alexander Ekman each make a contribution to the performance "Ek, Inger, Ekman".

Part 1: She was Black 37 min
For more than 40 years, Mats Ek has been active as a choreographer around the world. Between 1982-1993 he was the artistic director of the Cullberg Ballet and has created some twenty dance works for the company. She was Black from 1995 is considered by many to be one of Ek's finest works. This is the first time in 12 years that the Cullberg Ballet has danced it in Sweden.

Part 2: 40 M UNDER 19 min
Alexander Ekman's dance film 40 M UNDER was shot in KTH's disused reactor hall in the summer of 2009. Ekman, born in 1984, has danced with the Cullberg Ballet and is now an internationally successful choreographer. His work was last seen at Dansens Hus in autumn 2008 in Boléro, an acclaimed performance with GöteborgsOperans Balett.


Part 3: Negro con Flores 35 min.
Johan Inger was artistic director of the Cullberg Ballet for five years until 2008. Negro con Flores was a great success at its premiere just over four years ago. The work was Inger's first step towards a new formal language. He is now a freelance choreographer and has been awarded the Birgit Cullberg Scholarship.


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