8 Sep


In the autumn, you can also see Luke Pell's video installation in the foyer. Take me to bed and the retrospective exhibition on the legendary choreographer Deborah Hay in collaboration with the Cullberg Ballet.

In July 2015, a Swedish and a Mozambican team of dancers, filmmakers and choreographers met in Maputo as part of the artistic exchange project. exChange Mozambique-Sweden. Workshops challenged norms about which bodies can participate in dance today and how an inclusive perspective on the body and choreography can develop the possibilities of contemporary and future dance.

The project wants to enable an exchange of knowledge and inspiration on issues related to the art of dance and the different shapes, colours and functions of our bodies with a focus on inclusion and exclusion and asks: Whose body must be adapted to what in the art of dance today? And how do we reach beyond the norms that limit diversity on stage?

The workshop in Maputo is part of the one-year project exChange Mozambique - Sweden which consists of the symposium exChange Perspectives 27-28 March, the workshop in Maputo, the film created during the workshop and two performances by Panaibra Gabriel Canda and Carl Olof Berg in autumn 2015.

The project exChange Mozambique - Sweden operated by Dansens Hus in Stockholm and CulturArte in Maputo, in co-operation with DOCH School of Dance and Circus / Stockholm University of the Arts and Skåne Dance Theatreand is implemented with the support of PostcodeLottery Cultural Foundation and Swedish Institute.


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