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Welcome to an evening with two interactive works that examine our digital age from different perspectives.

Ludvig Daae: MM

In MM, Ludvig Daae performs a virtual duet with himself. We see how Ludvig negotiates with and relates to himself on film in an artistic process where Ludvig is both creator and performer. MM plays with the presence of the choreographer during the performance and an objectification of the dancer on stage. As MM develops, more factors become apparent. Filmmaker Joanna Nordahl's voice becomes clearer during the performance as her artistic choices in the editing of the film become more prominent. The film takes on a role of its own as the language of the film shows things that are impossible to recreate live.

Are both film and live solo two halves of a whole? Which of the two versions of the same person do you relate to most strongly?

Alessandro Sciarroni: Joseph

A man stands with his back to the audience. In front of him is a desk with a laptop which he connects to a large screen. He looks for his own image in everything he sees, and it is only through the screen that the audience can meet his gaze.

Through strong symbolic language and a captivating presence, Joseph links a lonely search for human connection to the great and eternal questions. The screen divides the dance into a kaleidoscopic mosaic. No longer a one-man show, the solo is doubled, amplified and manipulated in a magical and mesmerising performance.

About Ludvig Daae

Ludvig Daae is a Norwegian choreographer and dancer working mainly in Stockholm and Brussels. He graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 2008 and has since worked with Deborah Hay, Xavier Le Roy, Mårten Spångberg and Gunilla Heilborn, among others. His own works have been shown at Bâtard Festival in Belgium, Biennale de danse de Val de Marne in France and MDT. He has previously visited Dansens Hus with Market (2009).

"With this, I wanted to create an objectification of myself as a dancer, creator and product, and show how I as a dance artist today feel that I have to take on different roles and bodies. [...] And it felt good to have some help, so that I could be less alone on stage."
Ludvig Daae in interview at Dansstationen

About Alessandro Sciarroni

Alessandro Sciarroni is a dancer, choreographer and director with a background in visual arts and many years of theatre experience. His work has been presented in 17 European countries in dance and theatre festivals. He became the first Italian artist to be supported by Modul-Dance in 2013.

 On 12 September at 14.00, Joseph/MM is given for schools, from secondary school and upwards. School tickets are booked via Dansens Hus ticket office on 08-508 990 90 or
by e-mail [email protected]


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