This autumn H2DANCE will premiere 20 Strangers, an interactive performance without dancers - where the audience are actors and design the performance in collaboration with H2DANCE. To develop their work, they conduct workshops. The concept is based on developing empathy and co-operation with people you don't know. 20 Strangers is instructed live by choreographers Hanna Gillgren and Heidi Rustgaard. The instructions are given live through headphones and the audience responds in their own way and makes choices during the performance.

H2DANCE wants to work with as wide a social and cultural mix as possible during the workshop. Meeting people you might not normally meet is a big part of the participants' experience during the workshop. How do we relate to a group, and what prejudices come into play when making choices? How can we work together to create balance and empathy between social groups and cultures? H2DANCE will collaborate with dramaturge Martin Hargreaves, who will take part in the development work and workshops, getting to know the piece from the inside. The choreography is based on the participants' own movement responses to the choreographers' instructions. Together we will explore interactions and encounters based on these questions:

  • How can we collaborate and share space within a choreographic activity?
  • Where do we draw the line and how free are we when we interact?
  • What are our individual norms and codes and are we willing to break them?
  • Are we prepared to challenge learned behavioural patterns?
  • How do we judge people based on appearance?
  • How can we belong to a group and where is the individual within the group?
  • What are taboo subjects in our culture?

An important part of the work then takes place afterwards. Participants should be able to talk to each other and to the choreographers in a non-formal setting.

"Therefore, the last part of the workshop will be a discussion part, where we engage in what happened during the workshop and why the participants reacted the way they did."

H2DANCE wants to explore prejudices based on superficial information and how we react and negotiate this as individuals and groups.

"In developing the performance, we will look at how participants' movement response can shape images, how changing focus can change the encounter, looking at or away from, posture, holding hands, leaning, pushing, pushing away or changing speed"

Friday's workshop will also be a work-in-progress exhibition to which a small audience is invited. If you choose to participate on Friday, you will have a chance to meet and discuss the experience and results of the process with other participants, artists, friends and family.


Email your name, age, phone number and the dates you wish to attend: [email protected]

Anyone can participate regardless of age, ability and background. No dance or theatre experience is required.

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