Every day at 17.00 and 20.00, exciting things happen at ScenUnder - a stage that is free for everyone and is located on the Dansens Hus cloakroom floor. Here we offer small and good things - everything from performances to work-in-progresses and other yummy things for those who are curious. Meet Eroll and Linnéa, among others, who organise a whisper game that involves the audience. See the history - and future - of hip hop! - in Old to the New. And why not take the chance to be seen yourself?

Above the Clouds takes you to the 70s, 80s, 90s and finally to the future in Old to the New. You step into another world where ScenUnder has been transformed into a time capsule using film, light, music and set design. Above the Clouds showcases the ingenuity and pioneering tendencies of hip hop culture, but puts it in a historical perspective. And looks to the future!

In Råsaft, Linnéa Sundling and Eroll Dobreva create a performance that will never be the same two nights in a row. It will be a scenic play with spaces and communication where you as a spectator together with the dancers make up what happens. Eroll and Linnéa serve raw food in the form of dance where you get all the vitamins. Råsaft offers an exciting and unexpected dance encounter.

In the programme item "Sparkling fresh" we present the next stars of street dance! From Kiruna, the breakdancing group Until the End Crew consists of seven young guys from equally diverse backgrounds. The self-taught guys started training together in a laundry room, and with the help of YouTube films and enormous stubbornness, they quickly became skilled and reached star status when they placed in the top three in Talang Sweden 2014. Now they present their work "It's ok" at ScenUnder, a performance about what it's like to come to Sweden, about facing prejudice and why you need to leave your home country.


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