In her work Seeking Unicorns, Italian Chiara Bersani mixes dance and performance to give the unicorn a story, a choice and above all - love.


40 minutes

Over the centuries, the mythological animal unicorn has been associated with the Pope, magic and sorcery, a modern popular culture icon and a protector of young girls' innocence. The unicorn has come to symbolise what humans have chosen to associate it with without knowing anything about its origins and development.

For her, the encounter between her body and the audience is highly political:

"You do not have the right to interpret me - I am the one who shows you how to perceive me. I decide what image the world has of me and my body".

Choreographer Chiara Bersani was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta - a type of congenital osteoporosis.

Bonniers Art Centre

Through a co-operation with BONNIERS KONSTHALL for the first time, Dansens Hus is stepping in with its productions in a pure art centre. During autumn and spring 23/24, Dansens Hus will make a number of interventions in the art gallery's rooms.

- Contemporary dance and contemporary art have several points of contact and it feels great that Dansens Hus is moving in with us temporarily. We look forward to taking part in their processes and being able to offer our audience contemporary dance at the highest international level. says Ellen Wettmark, Head of Operations at Bonniers Konsthall.


Image gallery Seeking Unicorn. Click on the images to enlarge.
Debriefing 11 November

Post-show talk with choreographer and dancer Chiara Bersani and Karina Sarkissova, independent curator and dramaturge 11/11 after the performance at 15:45-16:15 at Bonniers konsthall.

Karina Sarkissova är koreograf och danskurator baserad i Stockholm. Hon examinerades 2012 från School for New Dance Development i Amsterdam (SNDO) och 2019 från Dutch Art Institute (DAI). Karina är medgrundare i höjden i Östberga, ett hus för konstnärlig produktion. Tillsammans med Pontus Pettersson kuraterar, organiserar och producerar hon festivalen My Wild Flag. Karinas praktik är dramaturgisk, koreografisk och kuratorisk; hon arbetar regelbundet med andra konstnärers arbeten och utvecklar koreografiska kontexter.

It's like a phantom, a memory, a premonition; definitely some magic in the air.

-The Guardian