Pompous explosion of scenery, decor, costumes and especially dance.



50 minutes

24 March


25 March


26 March


Note! Recommended age 9-99 years

Welcome to the V, a family show, for everyone aged 9 to 99, that tickles the imagination and twists perspectives. Bring your grandma, your best friend, your teenage son, your dad, a couple of cousins, or your loved ones! V takes the audience on a journey through different worlds, a bit like a video game, where the avatars of the show, choreographers Madeleine Lindh and Anja Arnquist, change shape as they dance their way through the different levels of the show.

Mastodon scenography, sublime dance and a giant scarf weave together a performing arts hybrid in the shape of a V.

OR/ELLER is a duo constellation that juggles the formats of installation and dance performance in its work to create visually powerful spaces. The company's choreographers Anja Arnquist and Madeleine Lindh are masters of collaboration, and through this they manage to create performing arts with surprising results.

Now OR/ELLER is touring the work V, a sister show to the duo's previous children's show WEB. But there WEB invited children to dance out their world themselves, are V  a family show, where the audience watches a work of art from a distance.

V you will be treated to a peculiar dance experience where a colossal set design acts as a hollow nest for two strange characters. Intertwined in a grid of ropes, they jointly weave a performing arts hybrid using sublime dance and hyper-constructed choreography.

is both a futuristic and illusionary dance epic. A skewed reflection of life, the work utilises the beautifully basic while retaining an aftertaste of surrealism.


Madeleine Lindh and Anja Arnquist have been running the duo constellation OR/ELLER since 2018. OR/ELLER makes dance performances in specific spatialities, where the power of transformation lies in the encounter between the work and its audience. The artistry is driven by multi-medial processes where the performances are created in an interaction and in clusters of collaborations. OR/ELLER has a strong interest in cultivating the scene for dance art for children and young people in Sweden.

Together, Madeleine and Anja have built up a shared experience of meeting a broad audience by both dancing in and choreographing works with different types of interactivity at their core.

In addition to this tour of V and WEB with Dansnät Sweden in the spring of 2022, OR/ELLER is currently at Stadsteatern Skärholmen in Stockholm, with their much appreciated children's performance WEB. OR/ELLER will then embark on several exciting collaborations, a new work for the entire Norrdans ensemble with premiere in spring 2023, and a new work for Dansehallerne's KORA project in Denmark with premiere in spring 2023.

Close-up of Anja and Madeleine

Anja Arnquist

Anja Arnquist is educated at Balettakademien and Stockholm University of the Arts. Since 2004, she has worked both nationally and internationally with dance and choreography in contemporary dance. Among the choreographers Anja has worked with, she has over the years deepened two strong collaborations, with choreographers Cristina Caprioli and Björn Säfsten. In her role as a dancer, she has also collaborated with choreographers such as Efva Lilja, Anna Koch, Palle Gran Høj, Carl Olof Berg and Abraham Hurtado.

The start of her choreographic career came with the highly appreciated interactive work "Master minds", which during the years 2008-2011 toured with both Cullbergbaletten and Skånes dansteater.

Since 2018, Arnquist has run OR/OR with Madeleine Lindh, with whom she shares a long-standing dance career on stage.

Madeleine Lindh

Madeleine Lindh trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School between 1996-2004. After further studies in Amsterdam, she worked with Europa danse youth company, where she danced in pieces by Mats Ek and Hans Van Manen, among others. During 2005-2007 she worked with William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Angelin Preljocaj and Frédèric Flamand in the project D.A.N.C.E (Dance apprentice network aCross europe).

Since 2008, Madeleine has worked mostly as a freelancer based in Stockholm and has worked with choreographers such as Björn Säfsten, Linda Blomqvist and Cristina Caprioli. In her collaboration with Caprioli, she met dancer Anja Arnquist, with whom she has run OR/ELLER since 2018.




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