WEB is a virtual nest, a floating spider web, an animated platform, or the climbing net in your backyard.


17 Sep


Together with Anja Arnquist and Madeleine Lindh you are invited to weave choreography out of the nets. In a poetic landscape, we suspend our thoughts from the ceiling, dance on imaginary paths, bead variegated ribbons from our bodies and let everyday life move into the theatre space and go up in smoke.

Since 2009, Madeleine and Anja have worked closely together under several umbrellas in the Swedish dance scene. With the performance WEB, they build on their ten-year collaboration and invite the scenographer... Johannes Fäst, the composer William Rickman and lighting designer Tobias Hallgren, to weave an artistic hybrid that juggles the formats of installation, dance performance and aestheticised playground.

As the duo constellation OR/ELLER, Anja and Madeleine conduct their dancing through multi-media processes, where the art is created in an interaction and in clusters of collaborations that aim to weave artistic hybrids.
With their expertise in dance and choreography, they want to create illusionary and sensory-sensitive performances in specific spatialities, where the power of transformation lies in the encounter between the work and its audience. Their artistry feeds a strong interest in cultivating the dance scene for children and young people in Sweden. Together they have built up a common experience of meeting a broad audience, by both dancing in, and choreographing, works with different types of interactivity at their core.
WEB is their first work as a duo, and in 2021 their next work will be the V, its premiere.

About the choreographers

Madeleine Lindh

Madeleine Lindh trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School between 1996-2004. Her first work was with Europa Danse Youth Company, where she danced in pieces by, among others. Mats Ek and Hans Van Manen. In 2005-2007 she worked with William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Angelin Preljocaj and Frédèric Flamand in the D.A.N.C.E (Dance Apprentice Network across Europe) project.

Since 2008, Madeleine has worked mostly as a freelancer based in Stockholm and has worked with choreographers such as Björn Säfsten, Linda Blomqvist and Cristina Caprioli. She also does film editing, dance film and dance performance documentation alongside her work as a dancer.

Anja Arnquist

Anja Arnquist is educated at Balettakademien and Doch in Stockholm. Since 2004, she has worked with dance and choreography in contemporary dance, both nationally and internationally.

Among the choreographers Anja has worked with, she has deepened two strong collaborations during her years as a dancer, with the choreographers Cristina Caprioli and Björn Säfsten. Within these research activities, she has developed a large number of productions since 2009 and 2006 respectively.

In addition to her many years of work as a dancer, she has periodically produced, choreographed and curated various projects, festivals, meeting places, symposiums and collective exhibitions. In collaboration with places and parties such as; Norrlandsoperan, DOCH, Cullbergbaletten, Moderna Museet, Skånesdansteater, Riksteatern, MDT, Umeå Capital of Culture Year 2014, Madefestivalen, Produkt, Västerbottensmuseum, Dansbiennalen 2008, Original Förlag and Dansmässan2018.


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