20-21 feb 2020 (Small stage)

ELLARD / LECH (SWE) Late Night: Funeral

Funeral is a rite of farewell and transition, a dance of sorrow for bereavements and ends.

Biljetter & info

In their work, Ellard/Lech examine the elements of mourning – the grieving body, the music of commemoration and to collectively practice the act of dying. In a de-ritualized and doomed civilization, what are the functions of our remaining rites of loss and transition? And what is lost without them? With death as a constant, how does emotions and expressions of grief and sorrow exist and change?

With time as the orchestra, change as the choir, and transcience as the ballet, Funeral is conducted by Ellard and Lech as a reqiuem for what is and will be lost.

Beyond the Spoken,
– rituals for unacknowledged loss by Barbara Raes

Our society has been deritualized over the past few decades. This crisis comes most sharply into focus with transition rituals surrounding death: we have and are not allowed any time to grieve and we lack the tools to contextualize the mourning process. The fact that so many people eventually crash is often due to unprocessed, unrecognized ‘little funerals’ of life. Barbara Raes founded in 2016 Beyond the Spoken, a workspace for unacknowledged loss, where she cocreates with artists new farewellrituals. In this lecture she will talk about a big transition moment in her life and how that was the drive to develop a new place between art, care and rituals. 

About Barbara
Barbara Raes (Belgium, 1977) was the programme director and artistic director at the BUDA and Vooruit Arts Centres until she went in a completely different direction in 2014. She was educated as funeral celebrant and has founded in 2016 Beyond The Spoken, a workspace for unacknowledged loss. In Beyond The Spoken she creates together with artists farewell rituals and helps people to make time to process transitional moments in their lives. Her old love for art is never far away, however, and it has also been given a place within her practice.