2 June 12:00-16:00 2018

Charlotta Öfverholm Mini Festival: Age on stage

We present to you a minifestival with lectures, discussions, film, research results, performances and mingle. All around and about age and stage.

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What will happen?


12:00-12:30 Anders J. Larsson, filmmaker premiering a new documentary: Jag vill bara dansa, where he followed 22 remarkable people between 68-85 rehearsing and creating STORIES and their feelings and reflections around their own body and mind in connection to dance.

12:30-12:45 Questions

12:45-13:05 Joce Giles – Artistic director of the Elixir Festival at Sadler’s Wells London, presentents insight to Elixir Festival – this presentation will look at Sadler’s ells large-scale festival that celebrates lifelong creativity and highlights the value of mature artists.

13:05-13:20 Questions

13:30-13:45 Christopher Roman, ex director of The Forsythe Company and Dance On Ensemble will talk about responsibility! for our bodies, our collaboration, our field at large and how it is not enough to represent our art-form only onstage artistically but also politically, socially, administratively, philosophically, so that it does not become completely appropriated by others who, perhaps innocently, begin to describe or define an art-form they are not physically and creatively invested in.

13:45-14:00 Questions

14:00-14:15 Ninna and Staffan, the moderators, presenting the Age on Stage research website with Cecilia Ferm Almqvist and Ninnie Andersson, revealing their results and observations of workshops for people 65+.

14:15-14:45 Intermission with snacks

14:45-15:30 Liz Aggiss – the extraordinary dance artist will be performing parts of her SLAP and TICKLE.

15:30-16:00 Ending


Charlotta Öfverholm, artistic director of Age on Stage and Compagnie Jus de la Vie is hosting the festival and will give you a surprise.

Secret Special Guests


Download the programme with more details about the participants here:

Age on Stage IMP 2018