Twelve naked dancers. Seven expeditions into the subject of desire. In Mette Ingvartsen's work 7 Pleasures, desire becomes an object of research and sexuality is tested against matter.

I 7 Pleasures Danish choreographer Mette Ingvartsen has her dancers explore variations of nudity and sexuality. This involves concepts such as pleasure and lust. The mass is set against the individual, the object against the body. The dancers work with seven different sensations of pleasure. An exploratory journey through the skin, organs, movements and the dissolution of boundaries. The dancers merge in a long sensual movement, vibrating in an organic mass of body parts. The nudity and closeness is explicit without being pornographic.

The choreography dissects how we view and experience pleasure and desire. Through seven ideas and concepts, the dancers work to unravel, experience and present. The overall question posed is: How does pleasure transform our bodies? How are materials and environments affected? In the response of Mette Ingvartsen's multifaceted work, pleasure becomes a perceptual and political issue.

The performance is part of a series of works called The Red Pieces. The first work; 69 positions; is shown the same week at MDT. It questions the boundaries between private and public space by literally placing the naked body in the centre of the audience.

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Interview on "7 Pleasures" from 2015 (pdf)

Interview on Red Pieces (pdf)

More Mette Ingvartsen the same week

18 & 19 Oct at 20.00 on MDT the performance '69 Positions' is shown read more here.

22 Oct at 10:30 on MDT Mette Ingvartsen defends her PhD with the project "Expanded Choreography: Shifting the agency of movement in The Artificial Nature Project and 69 positions". Mette Ingvartsen is a PhD student at the Department of Dance at Stockholm University of the Arts. read more here.