Porträtt av koreografen Sonya Lindfors


Duration 1h |  ENG

How to work towards more inclusive, diverse and softer stages? How to use the speculative potentiality of the stage? What kind of future horizons are we dreaming of? The Choreographers and dancers, Bambam Frost and Niki Tsappos joins Sonya Lindfors and members of the Cosmic Latte working group for a post show discussion on Afrofuturism, Nordic Blackness, speculative stages and decolonial dreaming practices. 

“In all my work I strive to increase inclusivity, accessibility and equitability. I strive to shake oppressive power structures and facilitate spaces for collective dreaming. I have been working in the Finnish dance field for almost twenty years. For a long time I used to think that the whiteness and homogeneity of the art field is a Finnish problem, but when I started to tour internationally I understood that this is a much wider problem. The lack of concrete tools to tackle climate change, lack of diversity or project based economy that forces institutions and artists to work in short term and unsustainable ways is present everywhere.  

Drastic times call for drastic measures. We need to start collaborating, sharing resources, tools and good practices in order to move towards a more inclusive, safer, diverse and sustainable Nordic art field. Antiracism or feminism should no longer be reduced to mere themes. They should be the basis of our work, industry standards. ” 

Sonya Lindfors