Skandaler är händelser där fantasi och njutning står i centrum, menar Ligia Lewis. Kring frågan om vem denna njutning är till för, och till vilken kostnad, testar Lewis olika scenarier där skandaler florerar. Hon väver samman historiska, anekdotiska, politiska och mytiska berättelser kring det koloniala slaveriets historia och låter sin egen gammelmormor bli en vägledare för motstånd.



70 minuter

7 sep


8 sep


Obs! Föreställningarna är också en del av My WIld Flag Festival

Ligia Lewis om A Plot / A Scandal:

A plot exposed, a foul deed enacted invites scandal. In the spirit of revolution or romantic musings, scandals provoke an imagining of the impossible. Utopian or mundane, how might scandal reveal what lies unwittingly close to our fantasies? And how does it expose where society places its limits? If life is a scandal waiting to be plotted, how do we position ourselves within its matrix? Immoral and lacking propriety, scandals are incidents where fantasy and pleasure take center stage.

Guided by the questions of whom this pleasure is for and at what expense, Lewis’s new plot explores the stage where scandals abound.

Weaving together historical, anecdotal, political, and mythical narratives − ranging from an interest in the Enlightenment thinker John Locke, Maria Olofa (Wolofa) in the slave revolt of Santo Domingo in 1521, Cuban artist and revolutionary Jose Aponte, and Lewis’s great grandmother, a figure Lewis turns to within her plot as a guide of resistance − the choreographer constructs the poetics of refusal at the edges of
representation. A dance between affect and embodiment, seeing and being seen, A Plot/A Scandal is a scene in the making where the excitement for that which does not fit might find its place.

The work unfolds through the following parts:
Plot 1 John Locke
Plot 2 Rebellion
Intermezzo: John Locke cleans up his mess
Plot 3: Story of Lolon / fuck up the plot
Outro: Repair ?

Föreställningen ingår i festivalen My Wild Flag som arrangeras 7-9 september 2023.

Bildgalleri A Plot A Scandal. Klicka på bilderna för att förstora.

Ligia Lewis

Ligia Lewis works as a choreographer and dancer. In her work, sonic and visual metaphors meet the body, materializing the enigmatic, the poetic, and the dissonant. Lewis’s work continues to evoke the nuances of embodiment. Her work was presented in multiple venues across Europe and the US. She was managed and produced by HAU Hebbel am Ufer Theater from 2017 until 2021 and was a tanzhaus nrw factory artist from 2017 until 2019. She is the recipient of the Tabori Award in the category of Distinction, a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants Award, and a Bessie Award for Outstanding Production.


Dela event:

7 september

Invigningsfest för festivalen My Wild Flag med musik av Rasuul i Elverkets foajé

8 september

Eftersnack med Ligia Lewis, Karina Sarkissova och Pontus Pettersson i Elverkets foajé